Carmen’s Spinal Care

Carmen’s Spinal Care is owned and operated by Dr Carmen Hunwardsen, Chiropractor. The clinic is located at U4, 38 Henderson Road, Everton Hills.


Find out what to expect at your first appointment or read more about how I came to be a Brisbane Chiropractor.

Some of the most common conditions and concerns that bring people into my clinic:

·     Lower back pain

·     Headaches, migraines and TMJ problems

·     Neck pain and shoulder pain

·     Sciatica and disc problems

·     Sports injuries

·     Legs, hip or knee pain or injury

·     Ankle or foot pain or injury

·     Chronic or acute pain

·     Osteoarthritis

·     Anxiety and depression

·     Insomnia

·     Fears and phobias

·     Weight loss

·     Stop smoking

·     Public speaking enhancement

·     Sports performance/enhancement

·     Habits and addictions

·     Self confidence


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