Did you know that cancer is more common the further way from the equator you live? And that diagnoses are more common in winter?

See the pattern for reported colorectal and breast cancer diagnoses charted against latitude:

Vit D - BC

Vit D - CRC


This study used sunlight measurement data from NASA and age-adjusted breast and colorectal cancer incidence rates for 175 countries from the International Agency for Research on Cancer Global Cancer Database (GLOBOCAN). The above illustrations show the results.

The study looked at these two types of cancers because they’re vastly different nature and causes. But for there to be such similar report volumes, there must be a common denominator.

The researchers suggest diet may play a contributing factor but in all likelihood, it’s Vitamin D, or lack thereof, that’s playing a role in the rates of these cancer diagnoses.

I’ve mentioned before the importance of Vitamin Dand now the evidence is even more in favour of getting a healthy amount of sunlight each day.

Read the study here.

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