heart rhythm

So many diseases are attributed to age, and the biggest part of ageing is in the vascular (veins and arties) system. This is because the veins and arteries bring fresh oxygenated blood to our organs, and help take away some waste products.

Without the fountain of youth, how can we get the effects of youth as we continue to age? A new study suggests fasting or calorie restriction might be the key.

When we’re fasting, our bodies produce beta-hydroxybutyrate, a type of ketone.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate stops the cells lining our cardiovascular system from becoming senescent (no longer dividing or multiplying). We need these cells to continue to divide and multiply for optimal health.

This molecule may be suppressed when we overeat, which would in turn contribute to our cardiovascular system ageing further.

It makes sense that fasting can be good for us, when we think about our ice ancestors for whom going without food was not unusual. Maybe fasting will become a standard practice sometime in the future.

If you’re considering giving fasting a go, consult your healthcare professional before you begin.

Dr Carmen Hunwardsen owns and operates Carmen’s Spinal Care, a busy North Brisbane chiropractic clinic in Everton Hills.