Lipstick and Lead

Lipstick in all its wondrous forms has been around since time immemorial. Modern ingredients, however, could pose a significant health risk to those who wear it with particular risk to unborn babies.

I saw this video recently that discusses the potential impacts of Lead (Pb on the periodic table of elements) in lipsticks:

The overarching argument is that there is no safe ingestion level of lead, despite cosmetics having a safe lead concentration recommendation.

It shows that lead concentrations of lipsticks have largely increased over time with lip gloss, and orange or purple lipstick having higher levels, along with those that are cheaper to buy.

To quote The Castle “what do you know about lead?” Lead is stored in the body and pushed to a foetus while it is growing. Lead poisoning has been linked to pain in the abdomen or joints, learning disability, slow growth, baby colic and more. Learn more about lead poisoning.

There are lead-free alternatives, in fact about 25% of available products are indeed lead-free. I know what I’ll be searching for in the future.

Dr Carmen Hunwardsen – Chiropractor Brisbane – owns and operates Carmen’s Spinal Care, a busy chiropractic clinic in Everton Hills.