Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy is a tool I use in my clinic to help my patients.

Low Level Laser Therapy (or Cold Laser Therapy) is the application of light energy to targeted damaged cells throughout the body. The cells absorb the light energy and are stimulated to repair.

How does Low Level Laser Therapy complement Chiropractic Care?

Your brain is constantly sending and receiving signals through the nervous system to monitor the entire body. When you have joint misalignment or damaged tissues, those signals can be interrupted (read more about Chiropractic Care). That’s why utilitsing chiropractic AND Low Level Laser Therapy can be very beneficial in repairing the body back to optimal function as soon as possible, because we are tackling the problem from two angles.

Low Level Laser Therapy helps to speed the healing response by reducing the formation of scar tissue after an injury. In my clinical experience, the sooner you treat the body after the injury, the quicker it heals. Early treatment also reduces the chance of re-injury and reduces lasting tissue damage.

Dr Carmen Hunwardsen using cold laser therapy Dr Carmen Hunwardsen using cold laser therapy
Dr Carmen Hunwardsen using Low Level Laser Therapy

When should I consider Low Level Laser Therapy?

Any time you have an injury, sprain, strain or surgery.

Low Level Laser Therapy is beneficial where inflammation (swelling and heat) is present as the treatment allows for better lymphatic drainage. It also increases the available oxygen that damaged cells need to repair. This is particularly beneficial when treating conditions related to osteoarthritis and sports (or overuse) injuries as well.

Clinical studies have shown significant reduction of pain from osteoarthritis in knees 1-3 months after the end of therapy. (1)  I can personally vouch for the improvement of my own knee issues through Low Level Laser Therapy!

Other conditions that can be helped with Low Level Laser Therapy are:

  • Neck pain (2)
  • Muscle fatigue recovery or injuries (3)
  • Ankle sprain swelling relief (4)
  • Back and leg pain (5)
  • Pre-sporting events for improved performance (6)

Many patients with various other conditions have found relief, improvement and recovery with this treatment protocol. If you have tried everything else, try Low Level Laser Therapy and see if it can make a difference for you!


Low Level Laser Therapy has been proven to have beneficial effects on a number of cosmetic concerns (7):

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Healing of burns
  • UV damage (both treatment and preventative)
  • Vitiligo
  • Psoriasis

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