No Pong product review

In today’s day and age and in Western culture, it’s not socially acceptable to have any body odour. The only effective option for most is an antiperspirant. While I’m unaware of any study that has proven any adverse long-term effects of continued use of antiperspirants, my preference would be to avoid it if a suitable alternative could be found.

To this end, and over many years, I have personally tried all manner of products. To no avail.

Some other people have found crystals and scents to work just fine but nothing has been consistent enough for me. Particularly given the close nature of my work, it’s important to me that I maintain very high levels of cleanliness.

I was resigned to the continued use of antiperspirants until a friend told me about No Pong.

I jumped online and found out more about this so-called miracle product. Accurately named, No Pong is an anti-odorant, not a deodorant (essentially just perfume) or an antiperspirant (that which stops you sweating).

Given my friend’s testimonial and what I had read, I had to give it a go. My philosophy is that if you’re going to test something, give it a baptism of fire…and test it, I did!

I decided to trial No Pong on a typical Queensland summer weekend; subtropical temperatures around 30oC, and humid as hell. I picked a time I wasn’t practicing – you’re welcome! – but had a fair amount of physical work to do.

To be honest, my past trials had told me not to expect a lot. So I was very surprised to find that IT WORKED. And I have joined the ranks of those that have thrown away the antiperspirant forever.

With No Pong, you will still sweat (remember, it’s not an antiperspirant) but sweating is a normal thing for humans to do and for some and this may a little uncomfortable if you’re used to years of not sweating. But you won’t smell. And that’s the aim, right? I give No Pong two thumbs up…er, should I say: two arms up!

Read more about how No Pong came to exist in this fascinating article about the founders.

Dr Carmen Hunwardsen owns and operates Carmen’s Spinal Care, a busy North Brisbane chiropractic clinic in Everton Hills.