Almost 25 years ago, the paper titled The Scandal of Poor Medical Researchwas published. It found that the practice of medical research was riddled with errors (some wilful, some through ignorance) in methodology, technique, interpretation, and more.

Why and how does this occur? In his paper, Altman states “…much poor research arises because researchers feel compelled for career reasons to carry out research that they are ill equipped to perform, and nobody stops them.”

Sadly, things haven’t changed in the years since the article was published. John Ioannidis recently confirmed that “most scientific studies are wrong because scientists are interested in funding and careers rather than truth.”

That studies are bases on errors and flaws is alarming – apparently only 1.1% of studies that linked a gene to a disease, are actually correct.

We can only hope that in time research becomes about the research, not grants or careers, and that true advancements in research can be made.

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